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Angela A. Lambru Voice-Actor
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I absolutely love creating characters, regardless of the medium!

Being a part of the voice over industry fills me with excitement, just like my other artistic endeavors. My journey as a performer has spanned across film, stage, TV, print, and radio, but it was my first encounter with voice over during a high school project that truly ignited my passion for this art form and sparked my desire to learn more.

I pursued my love for acting by majoring in theater and studying at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Along the way, I had the privilege of learning from talented mentors like Mauricio Bustamante, Stanley Zareff, David Cady, and esteemed voice over professionals such as Dan Duckworth, Steve Garrin, and more recently, J. M. Collins. Continuously honing my craft, I regularly engage in ongoing classes to further polish my skills in voice over.

Being bilingual, I take pride in my ability to deliver neutral English and Spanish voice overs. My education has been enriched by my childhood travels with my family, which granted me a keen ear for the diverse sounds of speech across different parts of the USA. Additionally, my journeys as a dancer abroad have exposed me to various cultures and languages. On top of my voice over pursuits, I have also ventured into writing and have had articles published on the web.

Angela A. Lambru Bilingual Voice - Actor, Narrator

The Kit Bull Story Podcast

Recently, I discovered the captivating world of podcasts and combined my passion for animals and voice overs to create a fun and educational storytelling podcast. It revolves around the treatment of animals and is based on a short story I wrote. The podcast, called "The Kit Bull Story," has garnered accolades and was even selected to be part of the Astoria Film Festival in 2022. I have also embraced directing, having been involved in projects such as "Descarado," a music video, and "Broken Birds," a short film.

Currently, my focus is dedicated to my voice over business, and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to serve you and your business with my utmost dedication. If you're looking for a voice talent for your next project, I would be honored to collaborate with you. Let's bring your vision to life together!

Reach out to book me, Angela, for your next project, and let's create something truly remarkable!

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Angela A. Lambru Bilingual Voice - Actor, Children's Books Narrator

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From Dancer to Voice Actor: The Importance of Staying Fit for Voice Over Artists

As a dancer turned voice actor, I discovered firsthand the need and importance for voice actors to stay fit as it is for dancers.  It wasn’t long after I made the transition from the big stage to a small recording booth, when I realized that if you don’t maintain a strong and healthy body it will most definitely affect your work as a voice actor. I was focused with the ever-increasing demands of my voice over business, and not so much to the decline of my dance life and workouts, but soon my body was crying out for help!

From Very Active to Sitting in my Booth

I went from being a very active dancer to practically no activity sitting in my booth. I wasn’t used to being confined to a small space; sometimes for long periods of time.  Although I would alternate sitting and standing, I still felt uncomfortable and began to feel stiff. I had aches and pains all over and knew something had to change.  Because not only did it affect my voice over performance but my attitude as well.  Unbelievably, I even questioned whether voice over was what I really wanted to do!  I felt conflicted because I know I love performing and love using my voice to tell stories, and to engage an audience.  But my body was crying out and I had to listen.  I realized I had to start moving again and incorporate some of the level of discipline I had as a dancer to keep my body and mental well-being from falling apart.  This experience taught me many things from the perspective of a dancer and a voice actor that I felt are worth sharing! 

A dancer’s body is her instrument and that instrument must be kept in the best condition with regular training not only to build strength, but for endurance, flexibility, and mental alertness as well. All which contributes to the ability to perform at the highest level. Voice over work may not require the same level of physical exertion as dancing, but it still demands a strong and resilient body.  

Staying Fit is Essential for Voice Actors as it is for Dancers, Here’s Why.

Stretching- Dancers always stretch before and after a performance.  By stretching you are increasing your flexibility and blood flow to your muscles, it improves your posture, it’s great for stress relief and it calms your mind.  Voice actors can incorporate five to ten minutes of stretching before, after or in between recording sessions.  It’s probably the easiest and most doable exercise to do!

Breath Control- Dancers rely on proper breathing techniques to execute movements with grace and precision, voice actors need excellent breath control to deliver lines effectively.  Doing some form of cardiovascular exercise can help improve lung capacity and breath control, allowing voice actors to sustain long recording sessions without fatigue.  Try jumping jacks, jogging in place, squat jumps or go for a brisk walk.

Posture- Good posture is super important for projecting confidence and authority in voice over performances. Dancers work on maintaining proper alignment to prevent injuries and optimize performance, therefore incorporating exercises that strengthen the core, back, and neck muscles can help voice actors maintain good posture as well.  Doing Yoga or in combination with stretching works wonders.  Downward facing dog, cat-cow, chest opener or child’s pose are just a few you can get started with.  

Energy and Endurance- A voice over session can take its toll on the body, requiring actors to maintain focus and energy for long periods of time.  Just as dancers require strength to get through long rehearsals and performances, voice actors benefit from staying physically fit to sustain energy levels throughout recording sessions.  Going for long walks, jogging, taking the stairs instead of elevators and if you have a dog take them for some fun in the park!

Emotional Well-being- Physically activity isn't just about building strength and stamina—it's also essential for supporting mental and emotional well-being. Exercise helps to reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance creativity, all valuable assets for voice actors navigating the challenges of the industry.  Taking a mental break is so important, I do it by hanging out with my cat Marmaly or doing some

Incorporating a fitness routine into your life however you want to do it can make a big difference in your voice over career. Choose dance, do yoga or any other activity that you enjoy and supports your overall health and well-being.  Remember, just like dancers, as voice actors, our bodies are our instruments, and taking care of them is crucial for delivering first-rate performances.  

Let's stay fit, healthy, and keep voicing our passions with strength and vitality.

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Looking back at my voice over journey in the character genre and considering the classes and workshops I’ve immerse myself into lately, it’s interesting to see how much I did quite by instinct.  In reality voice acting is just acting and if you have a background in acting you have a good foundation to begin with. My experience as an actor has given me that foundation.  However, I also discovered how much more there is to learn in building a multi-dimensional character in voice overs.  There is clearly a difference between acting and voice acting.  But let me tell you how I found my first three characters for my storytelling podcast The Kit Bull Story.

 Understanding the Characters

Since I wrote the story and created the characters, I knew them very well and knew exactly what I wanted from them.   So, naturally I took my first cue from the personalities of the three characters I had created and would play.  All were female, each one of them completely different from the other in voice type and age, ranging from young tween, to a middle-aged woman with an accent and one with a mature, matronly voice. 

 Sustaining Voice Style

I didn’t want to hurt my voice in terms of tone and pitch. This was something I had read once on a blog on animation. Not only did I have to feel comfortable, but I also had to be able to sustain the voice characterizations long term without hurting my vocal cords and it had to feel natural.  

 Breathing Life into Characters

It was fun discovering where the voices would go as I layered each character with emotional range; anger, surprise, sadness, joy and so on.  By adjusting pacing, tone and nuance and incorporating unique qualities and distinctions the characters became even more defined. It was like creating a person!  Being a voice actor is more than just having a nice voice; it's about infusing life into stories and characters, giving them breadth and depth. For Kit it was her sweetness, kind and inquisitive nature, for my French lady Fran it was her eccentricity, warmth and friendliness, and for Mrs. Stern it was her icy demeanor and snooty manner—they're not just roles; they're the expression of emotion and narrative.

The Journey Ahead

Looking ahead, I see a canvas filled with possibilities, characters waiting to be discovered. Each voice whether for animation, commercial, corporate narration or other type of voice acting is a new adventure, a fresh exploration into the world of imagination. As a voice actor, you’re always learning and taking classes.  It is an ongoing process of discovery and a constant dance between vocal artistry and storytelling.

So, as I wrap up this chapter of my voice-over journey, I'm profoundly grateful for the vibrant characters that have sprung to life in The Kit Bull Story Podcast. Kit Bull, Fran, and Mrs. Stern go beyond mere voices—they're living expressions, embodying the artistry of storytelling through sound.  See for yourself and listen to the podcast